Vol. 7

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Vol. 7, Issue 1, Winter 1990

Richard Harding Davis and the Boer War: The British and Boers Rehearse for World War I While Davis Watches.
By John C. Bromley

The Place of Biography in the History of News Women: What Role Should Biographical Research Play in Writing the History of Women Journalists?
By Catherine C. Mitchell

Bibliography Scholarship on Women Working in Journalism
Articles and Books on Women Journalists, Categorized by Gerda Lerner’s Stages of Feminist History.
By Catherine C. Mitchell

Historiographical Essay
Women in Journalism: Contributors to Male Experience or Voices of Feminine Expression? Historians of Women Journalists Seek to Move Beyond the “Great Women” Approach
By Maurine H. Beasley

Vol. 7, Issue 2, Spring 1990

Unity, Not Absorption: Robert Lyon and the Asmonean—A Jewish Weekly Newspaper in New York City Makes a Home for Its Immigrant Readers
By Barbara Straus Reed

Theodore Roosevelt: Public Relations Pioneer — The First Master of the Media Event, the News Leak, the Trial Balloon, and the Sound Bite
By Rodger Streitmatter

Vol. 7, Issue 3, Summer 1990

“Such Things Can Only Happen in America”: British Press Response to the Scopes Trial — The “Monkeyville” Trial As Evidence of the Degradation of Modern Culture
By Dean Rapp

CBS World News Roundup: Setting the Stage for the Next Half Century — CBS Radio Gathers Its Correspondents from across Europe for a Momentous Broadcast
By Donald G. Godfrey

Vol. 7, Issue 4, Fall 1990

Reconsidering James Carey: On Carey’s Attempt to Conceptualize Technology as a Form of Culture
By Carolyn Marvin

Oppositionalizing Carey: On Carey’s Critique of Monopolies of Power and Monopolies of Knowledge
By Jerilyn S. McIntyre

Culture, Communication, and Carey: On Carey’s Quest for a Moral Discourse in Communication Studies
By Michael Schudson

Technology As a Totem for Culture: On Americans’ Use of High Technology As a Model for Social Order
By James W. Carey

Bibliography of Works by James W. Carey: Books, Articles, and Reviews, 1960-1990
Compiled with the help of Barbara Buckley

Historiographical Essay
Telling the Story of Story: The Importance of Narrative Theory for the Study of Journalism History
By Jack Lule