Vol. 6

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Vol. 6, Issue 1, Winter 1989

The Evangelical Origins of the Muckrakers
By Bruce J. Evensen

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Campaign Against Middle Commercials
By Michael D. Murray

Historiographical Essay
Journalism Historians and Religion
By Marvin Olasky

Vol. 6, Issue 2, Spring 1989

A Last Hurrah for the Frontier Press
By V. Delbert Reed

George Seldes and the Winter Soldier Brigade: The Press Criticism of In Fact, 1940-1950
By Pamela A. Brown

“Purse and Pen”: Party-Press Relationships, 1789-1816
By Wm. David Sloan

Vol. 6, Issue 3, Summer 1989

Joseph Pulitzer II and the European War, 1938-1945
By Daniel W. Pfaff

W.A. Scott and the Atlanta World
By Leonard Ray Teel

Historiographical Essay
The Civil War Press: Promoter of Unity or Neutral Reporter?
By Thomas Andrew Hughes

Vol. 6, Issue 4, Fall 1989

Magazine Publishing and Popular Science after World War II: Scientific American and Science Illustrated Battle to Produce a New Popular Scientific Magazine
By Bruce V. Lewenstein

Reconstruction Journalism: The Hays-Hawley Letter—A Report on Political Conditions in the South Touches Off a Nationwide Controversy
By William Warren Rogers, Jr.

Historiographical Essay
The Revolutionary Press: Source of Unity or Division? What Role Did the Newspaper Press Play in the Colonies’ Fight for Independence?
By Carol Sue Humphrey