Vol. 30

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Vol. 30, Issue 1, Winter 2013

Special Section: Theorizing Journalism in Time

On the Explanatory and Political Uses of Journalism History
By Rodney Benson

Why Journalism History Matters to Journalism Studies
By John Nerone

Fourteen or Fifteen Generations: News as a Cultural Form and Journalism as a Historical Foundation
By Michael Schudson

Historical Mechanisms and Journalistic Change
By Tim P. Vos


“Practical Reporting”: Late Nineteenth-Century Journalistic Standards and Rule Breaking
By Randall S. Sumpter

Money or Nothing: Confederate Postal System Collapse during the Civil War
By John Nathan Anderson

Class and Social Status in the Lydia Pinkham Illustrated Ads: 1890-1900
By Elizabeth V. Burt

A Path Made of Words: The Journalistic Construction of the Appalachian Trail
By James Kates

Book Reviews

The Last King of the Sports Page: The Life and Career of Jim Murray, by Ted Geltner
Reviewed by Brian Carroll

Backstage Stories from My Life in Public Television, by Ron Hull
Reviewed by Eileen Wirth

Promoting the War Effort: Robert Horton and Federal Propaganda, 1938-1946, by Mordecai Lee
Reviewed by David Schreindl

Paper Route: Finding My Way to Precision Journalism, by Philip Meyer
Reviewed by Donna Lampkin Stephens

Beware of Limbo Dancers: A Correspondent’s Adventures with the New York Times, by Roy Reed
Reviewed by Chandra Clark

Digital Media Reviews

Archiving Early America
Reviewed by Carol Sue Humphrey

John Adams
Reviewed by Teresa Jo Styles

Mapping Revolutionary Boston: Exploring an Eighteenth-Century City on the Eve of Rebellion
Reviewed by David Copeland


Vol. 30, Issue 2, Spring 2013


News on the Air: The New York Herald, Newspapers, and Wireless Telegraphy, 1899-1917
By Noah Arceneaux

The Mexican Image through Southern Eyes: De Bow’s Review in the Era of Manifest Destiny
By Michael Fuhlhage

“Making Birth Control Respectable”: The Birth Control Review, 1917-1928
By Vanessa Murphree and Karla K. Gower

Shipping the Latest News across the Pacific in the 1870s: California’s News of the World
By Peter Putnis


“A Measure of Theory?”: Considering the Role of Theory in Media History
By Amber Roessner, Rick Popp, Brian Creech, and Fred Blevens

Book Reviews

Into the Fray: How NBC’s Washington Documentary Unit Reinvented the News, by Tom Mascaro
Reviewed by Mike Conway

“Muy Buenas Noches”: Mexico, Television, and the Cold War, by Celeste Gonzáles de Bustamante
Reviewed by Junita Darling

Pressing the Fight: Print, Propaganda, and the Cold War, edited by Greg Barnhisel and Catherine Turner
Reviewed by Kevin Grieves

Feminist Media History: Suffrage, Periodicals and the Public Sphere, by Maria DiCenzo, with Lucy Delap and Leila Ryan
Reviewed by Jane Marcellus

Digital Media Reviews

The American Colonists Library
Reviewed by Julie Hedgepeth Williams

Duke University Libraries Digital Collections
Reviewed by Berkley Hudson and Elizabeth A. Lance

The Rural West Initiative
Reviewed by John M. Coward


Vol. 30, Issue 3, Summer 2013


Go Big or Stay Home: Why Journalism Historians Matter to Understanding International Affairs
By Giovanna Dell’Orto


Breaking Bread, Not Bones: Printers’ Festivals and Professionalism in Antebellum America
By Frank E. Fee Jr.

From Haiti to Nat Turner: Racial Panic Discourse during the Nineteenth Century Partisan Press Era
By Brian Gabrial

Conflict in South Carolina’s Partisan Press of 1829
By Erika J. Pribanic-Smith

“One of the Most Crying Needs of the Present Time”: The Call for a Christian Daily Newspaper
By Ronald Rodgers

Book Reviews

Baldwin of the Times: Hanson W. Baldwin, A Military Journalist’s Life, 1903-1911, by Robert B. Davies
Reviewed by Russell J. Cook

Women of the Washington Press: Politics, Prejudice, and Persistence, by Maurine H. Beasley;  Women in American Journalism: A New History, by Jan Whitt
Reviewed by Therese L. Lueck

Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception, by Brooke Kroeger
Reviewed by Michael Murray

Covering America: A Narrative History of a Nation’s Journalism, by Christopher B. Daly
Reviewed by Erika J. Pribanic-Smith

Digital Media Reviews

Past Blast
Reviewed by Noah Arceneaux

Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood
Reviewed by Teddy Champion

American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning
Reviewed by Richard K. Popp

AJHA Oral History Project

An Interview with David Spencer
Conducted by Reed Smith


Vol. 30, Issue 4, Autumn 2013


The Presentist Media Landscape and the Practice of Doing History
By Victoria Smith Ekstrand


Explaining the Origins of the Advertising Agency
By Tim P. Vos

The Editorial Writer in Depression-Era Politics and Law: The St. Louis Star-Times’ Irving Brant
By Gerald L. Fetner

A Golden Opportunity? Edward Bernays and the Dilemma of Ethics
By Thomas H. Bivins

The Sinners and the Scapegoat: Public Reaction in the Press to Mae West’s Adam and Eve Skit
By Lori Amber Roessner and Matthew Broaddus

The Press as a Site of Political Conquest: Latvia, 1986-1991
By Janis Chakars

Book Reviews

The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: Harrison Salisbury and the New York Times, by Donald E. Davis and Eugene P. Trani
Reviewed by Owen V. Johnson

American Journalism and International Relations: Foreign Correspondence from the Early Republic to the Digital Era, by Giovanna Dell’Orto
Reviewed by James D. Startt

Death Zones & Darling Spies: Seven Years of Vietnam War Reporting, by Beverly Deepe Keever
Reviewed by Gerd Horten

Scribblin’ for a Livin’: Mark Twain’s Pivotal Period in Buffalo, by Thomas J. Reigstad
Reviewed by Norma Fay Green

From Society Page to Front Page: Nebraska Women in Journalism, by Eileen M. Wirth
Reviewed by Sherilyn Cox Bennion

Digital Media Reviews

Perry-Casteñeda Library Map Collection
Reviewed by Michael Fuhlhage

The National Archives Experience – Digital Vaults
Reviewed by Janice Hume

Mississippi Blues Trail
Reviewed by Meredith Clark

100 Years of Black Film
Reviewed by Cheryl D. Jenkins