Vol. 24

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Vol. 24, Issue 1, Winter 2007

Before the Bloggers: The Upstart News Technology of Television at the 1948 Political Conventions
By Mike Conway

From Her Own Point of View: Rediscovering Rose Wilder Lane, Literary Journalist
By Amy Mattson Lauters

Were Those the Days? Revisiting the Pulitzer-winning Efforts of Community Newspapers in the 1970s
By John Hatcher

Subterranean Days of Rage: How Magazine Letters to the Editor in 1952 Foretold a Generation of Revolution
By Brian Thornton

“A Dozen Best”: Top Biographies and Memoirs of Women in Print Journalism History
By Linda Lumsden

Vol. 24, Issue 2, Spring 2007

Betty Werlein Carter, A Writer in Her Own Regard
By Rebekah Ray

They Had a Satellite and They Knew How to Use It: How Donna Allen Led Women to the Forefront of the Technological Revolution in Communication
By Danna Walker

That is Good to Think of These Days: The Campaign by Hearst Newspapers to Promote Addition of “Under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance
By Ronald Bishop

E. H. Heinrichs: Profile of a Founding Practitioner
By Tim Ziaukas

Media Coverage and a Federal Grand Jury: Publication of the Secret Watergate Transcripts (1973)
By Mark Feldstein

“A Dozen Best”: Top Books on the Civil War Press
By Debra Reddin Van Tuyll


Vol. 24, Issue 3, Summer 2007

Cattle Barons and Ink Slingers: How Cow Country Journalists Created A Great American Myth
By Ross F. Collins

Fighting for Access: ABC’s 1965-66 Feud with NASA
By Dale L. Cressman

“News is a Weapon”: Domestic Radio Propaganda and Broadcast Journalism in America, 1939-1944
By Michael J. Socolow

Outside the Prickly Nest: Revisiting Doris Fleischman
By Margot Opdycke Lamme

Colonial Discourse and the Writings of Katherine Mayo
By Christina A. Joseph & Anandam P. Kavoori

Anarchy Meets Feminism: A Gender Analysis of Emma Goldman’s “Mother Earth,” 1906-1917
By Linda L. Lumsden

“A Dozen Best”: Ten Best War Correspondents’ Memoirs
By Michael S. Sweeney

Vol. 24, Issue 4, Fall 2007

Radio and Revolution in El Salvador: Building a Community of Listeners in the Midst of Civil War 1981-1992
By Juanita Darling

“BABY—BEER—BULLETS!!!” British Perceptions of American Journalism in the Nineteenth Century
By E.M. Palmegiano

Manipulation of the Media: Indiscretions, Misrepresentations and Fleet Sightings
By David W. London

Journalism Education in a Global Context: The Center for International Media Education, 1997-2007
By Leonard Ray Teel

Radical Labor, Racism, and the Preservation of Hegemony in Ogden, Territorial Utah, 1885-1886
By Andrew Taylor Kirk

Selling the Shortwaves: Commercial Broadcasting to Latin America and the Limits of the “American System”
By Robert A. Rabe

The Chile Solidarity Movement and Its Media: An Alternative Take on the Allende and Pinochet Years
By Victoria

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“A Dozen Best”: A Brief Examination of Canadian Journalism and Media History
By David Spencer