Vol. 20

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Vol. 20, Issue 1, Winter 2003

The New York Tribune At Harper’s Ferry: “Horace Greeley on Trial”
By Gregory Borchard

The Student Voice: “Purging the Rabies of Racism”
By Vanessa D. Murphree

“Mobocratic Feeling”: Religious Outsiders, the Popular Press, and the American West
By Todd Kerstetter

Gobind Behari Lal: The Gentle Indian Firebrand of American Science Journalism
By Padmini Patwardhan


Vol. 20, Issue 2, Spring 2003

The Warren Report’s Forgotten Chapter: Press Response to Criticism of Kennedy Assassination Coverage
By Glen Feighery

‘Satanic Journalism and its Fate’:The Scripps Chain Strikes Out in Buffalo
By Michael Dillon

A Press Insider’s View of Reconstruction Era Journalism in Washington, D.C., 1865-1877
By Joseph P. McKerns

Selling the Southwestern Indian: Ideology and Image in Arizona Highways, 1925-1940
By John M. Coward


Vol. 20, Issue 3, Summer 2003

Blackface in Black and White: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Frederick Douglass’ Hometown Newspapers, 1847
By Frank E. Fee, Jr.

The Famine Irish and the Irish-American Press: Strangers in a Hostile Land
By Mick Mulcrone

We Want In: The African American Press’s Negotiation for a White House Correspondent
By Earnest Perry

Jacob Riis: Immigrants Old and New, and the Making of Americans
By Joseph P. Cosco


Vol. 20, Issue 4, Fall 2003

Like Newsroom, Like Classroom: Women Journalism Educators Temper the Times
By Therese L. Lueck

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and Political Independence: Danville, Virginia’s Newspaper Editors Adopt James Gordon Bennett’s Penny Press Model During the Civil War
By Stephen V. Bird

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back: Coverage of Women Journalists in Editor & Publisher 1978 through 1988
By Cindy Elmore

An Emerging Emphasis on Image: Early Press Coverage of Politics and Television
By David A. Biard