Vol. 14

This volume is available for free access at Archive.org.

Vol. 14, Issue 1, Winter 1997

Promoting the Progressive Indian: Lee Harkins and The American Indian Magazine
By John M. Coward

James Lawrence Fly’s Fight for a Free Marketplace of Ideas
By Mickie Edwardson

Caro Brown and the Duke of Duval: The Story of the First Woman to Win the Pulitzer Prize for Reporting
By Robert Jones and Louis K. Falk

The Founding of Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. and the Arizona Project: The Most Significant Post-Watergate Development in U.S. Investigative Journalism
By Maria Marron

Foreign Embassies in the United States as Communist Propaganda Sources: 1945-1960
By Alex Nagy

Essay Review
Journalism History Goes Interactive at the Newseum
By Rodger Streitmatter

Research Essay
The Black Press and the 1936 Olympics
By John D. Stevens


Vol. 14, Issue 2, Spring 1997

The Role of the Black Press in the 1923 Trial of Marcus Mosiah Garvey
By Julette B. Carter

Choosing a Team for Democracy: Henry R. Luce and the Commission on Freedom of the Press
By Jane S. McConnell

That Delightful Relationship: Presidents and White House Correspondents in the 1920s
By Stephen Ponder

Type and Stereotype: Frederic E. Lockley, Pioneer Journalist
By Charles E. Rankin

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Research Essays and Notes
The Joseph Medill Patterson Papers: A Publisher’s View of the Early 20th Century
By Alfred Lawrence Lorenz

The Jhistorian Online
By David T.Z. Mindich, Elliot King, Barbara Straus Reed, and David Abrahamson

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The World of Change in TV News: A Conversation with Garrick Utley
By Michael D. Murray



Vol. 14, Issue 3 & 4, Summer/Fall 1997

Introductory Essay: The Shifting Paradigms of Investigative Journalism in the 20th Century
By Frederick Blevens

Women and the “Larger Household”: The “Big Six” and Muckraking
By Kathleen L. Endres

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Avenging Angel or Deceitful Devil?: The Development of Drew Pearson, a New Kind of Investigative Journalist
By Steve Weinberg

Dante’s Watergate: All the President’s Men as a Romance Narrative
By Mark Hunter

The Investigative Tradition in American Journalism
By James L. Aucoin

More than Muckraking: Women and Municipal Housekeeping Journalism
By Agnes Hooper Gottlieb

Muckraking: A Term Worth Redefining
By Kathleen L. Endres

Other Research Articles
Journalist Mark Ethridge’s Diplomatic Missions in Post- World War II Europe: The Making of a Cold Warrior
By Morgan David Arant Jr.

Sketches of Life and Society: Horace Greeley’s Vision for Foreign Correspondence
By Ulf Jonas Bjork

Sending Bundles of Hope: The Use of Female Celebrities in Bundles for Britain’s Public Relations Campaign
By Anelia Dimitrova

Exploring the Historical Image of Journalists as Heavy Drinkers from 1850-1950
By Fred Fedler

Mass-Produced Reform: Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent
By James Foust

The Work that Came Before the Art: Willa Cather as Journalist, 1893-1912
By Carolyn Kitch

Unequal Partners: Gender Relationships in Victorian Radical Journalism
By David R. Spencer

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Margaret Schofield Wang: Opening a Window on a Different China
By Rodger Streitmatter

Oh, That Proper Mix: Selective Boosterism on the North Idaho Mining Frontier Society
By David J. Vergobbi

Magazine Coverage of First Ladies from Hoover to Clinton from Election Through the First One Hundred Days in Office
By Liz Watts

Research Essays
Field, F.P.A., and Lardner: Notable Newspaper Columnists
By S.L. Harrison

An Historical Overview of The Doctors Syndicated Columnists from Dr. William Brady to Dr. George Crane
By Richard Weiner