Vol. 13

This volume is available for free access at Archive.org.

Vol. 13, Issue 1, Winter 1996

George Seldes: Propaganda Analyst, Press Gadfly
By Patrick Daley

‘The Glorious Publick Virtue so Predominant in Our Rising Country’: Benjamin Franklin’s Printing Network During the Revolutionary Era
By Ralph Frasca

Madison Misinterpreted: Historical Presentism Skews Scholarship
By Paul H. Gates Jr. and Bill F. Chamberlin

The Editor as Politician: W.R. Ronald and the Agricultural Act of 1930
By Elizabeth Evenson Williams

Research Essay
Mencken: Magnificent Anachronism?
By S.L. Harrison


Vol. 13, Issue 2, Spring 1996

The Doctor’s Son Covers a Euthenasia Trial: John O’Hara The Journalist
By R. Thomas Berner

Forerunner of the ‘Dark Ages’: Philadelphia’s Tradition of a Partisan Press
By Patricia Bradley

News: Public Service or Profitable Property?
By Barbara Cloud

Ike’s Red Scare: The Harry Dexter White Crisis
By David W. Guth

‘Killing Me Softly’? The Newspaper Press and the Reporting on the Search for a more Humane

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Execution Technology
By Marlin Shipman

Research Essays
Sex, Lies, and Autobiography: Contributions of Life Study to Journalism History
By Linda Steiner, Michael Robertson, Thomas Connery and Rodger Streitmatter

The Uses of History: The Media History Project
By Kristina Ross


Vol. 13, Issue 3, Summer 1996

Who Seeks the Truth Should Be of No Country: The British and American Press Report the Boxer Rebellion, June 1900
By Jane Elliott

The Courage to Call Things by Their Right Names’: Fanny Fern, Feminine Sympathy, and Feminist Issues in Nineteenth-Century American Journalism
By Carolyn L. Kitch

Crosses Before a Government Vampire: How Four Newspapers Addressed the First Amendment in Editorials, 1962-1991
By James B. McPherson

‘Typical Slime By Joe McCarthy’: Ralph McGill and Anti-McCarthyism in the South
By Karen S. Miller

‘Right in the Furhrer’s Face’: American Editorial Cartoons of the World War II Period
By Paul Somers

Research Essay
Legacy of Fear: Japan-Bashing in Contemporary American Film
By Jan Whitt


Vol. 13, Issue 4, Fall 1996

In All the Papers: Reporting on Religion in Colonial America
By David Copeland

Agnes Smedley: A Radical Journalist in Search of a Cause
By Karla K. Gower

Ishbel Ross, From Bonar Bridge to Manhattan: The Gaelic Beginnings of an American Reporter
By Beverly G. Merrick

The Rhetoric of Independence and Boosterism in Late Nineteenth-Century California Journalism
By Jeff Rutenbeck

Research Essay
In Defense of Historiographic Parochialism
By Ralph Frasca

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