Vol. 1

Vol. 1 Issue 1, Summer 1983

Finding community in nineteenth-century suffrage periodicals
By Linda Steiner

American correspondents during World War II
By Mary S. Mander

A wider niche for Westbrook Pegler
By Frank Krompak

First ladies and the press: Bess Truman to Lady Bird Johnson
By Lewis Gould

A “front page girl” covers the Lindbergh kidnaping: An ethical dilemma
By Maurine Beasley

Suffrage as news: Ten dailies’ coverage of the Nineteenth Amendment
By Anne Messerly Cooper

Vol. 1 Issue 2, Winter 1984

The power in the image: Professionalism and the communications revolution
By Douglas Birkhead

From orthodoxy to reform: Assimilation and the Jewish0English press of mid-ninteenth century America
By Kathryn T. Theus

The journalist as storyteller: An interdisciplinary perespective
By Steve M. Barkin

The Baltimore Afro-American and the election campaigns of FDR
By J. William Snorgrass

The emerging American newspaper: Discovering the home front
By Donald R. Avery

Alex Posey: Creek indian editor/humorist/poet
By Sam G. Riley

Research in broadcasting: An overview of major resource centers
By Michael Murray